What is Caci dance of Manggaraian People all about?

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What is Caci dance of Manggaraian People all about?

What is Caci Dance?

In the past, heros and knights perfom the dance to celebrate and evoke a battle between villages. But, nowadays, people of Manggarai perform the caci dance during celebrations suc as: welcoming guest, ordination, wedding party, thanksgiving on harvesting season, etc. Caci dance often held and perform in the “natas” of “mbaru gendang”:the field of traditional mother house. Caci generally begun with a dance called “danding” or also called “tandak Manggarai”. The tandak Manggarai dance performed by males and females. Caci dance is a dance to show up the heroes’ knighthood characters. Moreover, caci dance is a combination of arts, because, the dancers perform the art of music or “nenggo” and art of dancing”lomes” in the same time. One could hardly participate if that person does not posses those qualities or talents.

Etymologically, caci is derived from the word” ca” which means “one” and “ci” meaning “opponent” or “try”. In addition, caci is a fair, sportive and creative battle dance. The dancers play the game in the essence of friendship and togetherness. The fighters control themselves in the nuance of unity and high-esteem of goodwill. Therefore, whoever gets hurt and loses during the game accepts it wholeheartedly. No revenge or hatred.

The Rules and dancers of the dance.

In caci dance, there are terms for the dancers: “Ata One’’ or “The Host” of the event and “Ata Pe’ang” or the guest- the guest is also called “Meka Lakong” or the challenger. The “striker’’ is called ‘Ata Paki” and the defender is called “Ata Ta’ang”. During the dance, the parts of the body that may be the target of attacking are the parts from the navel up to the face and the entire head. The dancer looses the game if he is hit by the “larik” (a whip used for striking) on the face or head. To enflame the heroic-spirit of the dancer, music is kept on playing from the other side of the field. Instruments such as: gong and gendang are played non-stop. Caci dancers are also treated with Manggarain traditional drink called “sopi” in order to keep their courage alive.

Tools and costumes

In caci dance, tools are very important in supporting the game such as:“Larik” or “whip” used for striking, has two parts: the stick and the robe; stick serve as the holder and the robe serve as to attack-made of buffalo’s dry-skinned- it sliced until it form as robe, it for the robe. “Nggiling” or “shield” for defending: the same material with the “larik”. “koret” (thing archers’ bow-like) made up of bamboo.The costumes can be varieties, but usually have in common among the dancers. The customes such as: “songke” manggarain traditional sarong, “selendang” or “shawl” or “muffler”,” kendik” or “belt”, Nggorong( things made from metal formed ball-like and stone put inside of it-which result a certain sound when a dancer moves. It twist around the waist), “Ndeki” (horsetail-like, put on the back), “panggal” (serve as crown. put on the hand, buffalo horn-like. Nevertheless, at some point it looks like roster comb), other clothe “Sapu” serve as face and head protector or other need of the dancers.

When and Where?

Caci usually performed to celebrate high event like: welcoming an honor-guest, inauguration, ordination, wedding party or thanksgiving party, harvesting season”penti”. Caci more often than not held and performed in “natas” of “Mbaru Gendang”the field of traditional motherhouse. Caci generally begun with a dance called”Danding” or also normally called” Tandak Manggarai”, this dance performed by males and females and forming a circle. The dancers also sing while dancing and it intended to enflame the knighthood-spirit of the dancers in the battlefield.

Article By Putracongkasae

Published by Rikard Djegadut

Rikard Djegadut lahir di Flores Barat, NTT pada Mei 1988. Ia masa kecil pria yang akrab disapa Rikardo ini dihabiskan di Flores Barat hingga merampungkan pendidikan menengah tingkat pertama. Ia menyelesaikan pendidikan dasar dari SDI Wongkol dan lulus pada 2001. Ia lalu menerukan pendidikan SMP di SLTP Welak Orong. Selepas itu, ia lelau menlanjutkan pendidikan menengah atas di SMKN1 Ende, di Flores tengah dan selesai pada 2009. Beberapa tahun kemudian Ia merampungkan pendidikan tingkat tingginya di Flipina dan meraih gelar Sarjana Filsafat dari Rogationis Seminary College Cebu-Philippines pada 2014. Sekembalinya ke Indonesia, Rikard sempat menjadi guru, kemudian konselor dan terakhir menjadi wartawan. Karena kegemarannya pada sastra, Rikardo mendirikan sebuah komunitas yang disebut Dapur Theater Sastra Indonesia yang berpusat di Jakarta. Tujuan beliau mendirikan DTSI adalah untuk menjawab kerinduannya yang menyamudera untuk meningkatkan budaya literasi di kalangan masyarakat Indonesia. Di DTSI, semua orang yang punya semangat yang sama akan diakomodir dan disambut ramah oleh segenap anggota. Segenap anggota DTSI memfasilitasi segenap praktisi dan pegiat sastra dari berbagai profesi dan latar belakang . Pada perhelatan Hari Puisi Indonesia (HPI) pada 2017, komunitasnya sukses mewakili Jakarta Pusat dalam ajang tahunan yang melibatkan seluruh komunitas sastra yang ada di Indonesia. Menariknya, para anggota komunitas yang mewakili Jakarta Pusat ini merupakan muda-mudi NTT yang berdomisili di Jakarta.

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