The Legend of Loké Nggérang

The Legend of Loké Nggérang

Loke Nggerang, Gadis cantik Manggarai
Loke Nggerang, Gadis Cantik Manggarai, Tipikal Raut Wajah Gadis Manggarai, Nona Manggarai Flores


Loke Nggerang


Once in a small village called Ndoso, lived a beautiful and charming girl named Nggerang. She was named Nggerang in favor of her white skinned and Reddish-brown haired. Nggerang was believed as the result of cross-formal marriage between human being and supernatural creature, which in local term called kakartana or darat or atapelsina.Nggerang’s father was named Awang and her mother was Hendang. Hendang was believed as supernatural creature or Kakartana or Darat as the folk people called it.

By the time when Nggerang was a teenager, her beauty was clearly revealed. She was  beautiful and lovely. She was the most beautiful among other girls in town. Many princes attracted to her and wanted to marry her. Among them were princes from Reok Kingdom and Cibal Kingdom. The princes were both rich and good looking. However, Nggerang refused them without any conditions. In fact, King Bima from a faraway kingdom and was in authority over Manggarai  proposed to marry her but she refused him.

Raja Bima—it is said that He always saw a radiance of light shines up on the night sky every night that is located in Manggarai territory.

He then sent some of his servants and soldiers to Manggarai which located in the western part of Flores Island to investigate where the light is located. They found out that the light was coming out from the gold skinned of a beautiful and unmarried girl that grew at the upper part of her back. it had the round-shape and has the measure of a gong’s eye. That beautiful girl’s  name is Nggerang lived in Ndoso Village. They reported to the Sultan of what they saw.

Upon hearing the report, Sultan Bima went to Manggarai to marry Nggerang. Though he was warmly wellcomed the villagers, Nggerang, simply refused his intention unconditionally.

Felt disappointed, the King threathed the whole villagers by sending  magical power in the form of thick and blackish clouds—this phenomenon is known  up to the present as rewung taki tana or the cloud tuches the ground.

For the villagers, the phenomenon of the clouds touch the ground was dangerous. It threatened their life. They could not do anything for their life in this condition. It was so dark. People could not go outside the house to work for living.

Nggerang did not pay any attentions  to the threats. The sultan eventually became impatient, He wanted to kill her. He ordered Nggerang’s father to kill her, since the king did not want his hand to touch directly and see the blood that would came out from Nggerang’s skin. Moreover, the sultan requested Nggerang’s father to take Nggerang’s skin and make two drums: one brought to Bima while the other one remain kept in Ndoso.

The request was a great grieve on  Nggerang’s father and even for the village. However, there was no other way to save the villagers from the cloud-calamity solely, Nggerang had to die.

Before Awang decided to kill Nggerang, his own daugter, he tried some efforts such as: lied to the king, by killing buffalos, goats—took their skins and made drums—but the drums did not produce good sound: moreover the light still radiating high up to the sky and was still seen from Bima kingdom.

The pressure on Awang from sultan Bima became so intense and Awang could not hold them anymore. So he offered a help to his daugther to looking for lices on Nggerang’s head. She agreed. While Awang was pretending to search for lices, he took some of Nggerang’s hair and put them in a small tube, but that did not produce any result: the light was still radiating. So, without thinking  twice, Awang took out the gold-skinned that has the shape and measure of gong’s eye from Nggerang’s back—his intention was just to stop the light. But sores thing happened, at that very moment Nggerang stopped breathing: she had dead.

Being aware that his daughter had died, Awang immediately pried of nggerang’s skin with the gold-skinned like and with the skin of her belly to made drums. Practically there were two drums that produced: one from the gold-skinned and was sent to Bima. But the bearers instead of going to Bima they turn their direction to Sumbawa because of the the strong current in the straits of Gili Banta. Therefore, the gold-skinned drum from that moment on up to now is not in Bima kingdom but in sumba. While the other one, remained in Ndoso. But, not few days after the death of Nggerang, some soldiers from Todo kingdom came taking forcefully the left drum that made from belly skinned: because by the time, Ndoso was under the territory of Todo kingdom. And half of the gold-skinned was buried in Tungku Romot close to Reok.

It is told that Nggerang only wanted to be married to a prince from Todo kingdom. So, after her death, they held a ritual for their marriage. So, Practically, It was spiritual a marriage between the dead Nggerang and a son of king Todo from Todo kingdom.



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