The sayings of Ven.Fr.Pio Bruno Lanteri 1759-1830 Founder of OMV

ü      “O bone Jesu, sitio Te” (O dear Jesus, I thirst for you)

ü    “I feel my strength weakening day by day and ready to sacrifice my life”

ü    “Love one another, Love another profoundly, and always remain one at heart, whatever it may cost you”

ü  “What grace the Lord showed me in placing Jesus in the tabernacle so close to me!”

ü  “Nunc coepi”(Now I begin)

ü  “Mariam Cogita, Mariam Invoca” (Think of Mary, Call on Mary)

ü  “Lex sit Amor,Directrix Obedienta”(Let Love be the Law and the Obedience the Guide)

ü  “We will never do anything, there must be fire,fire,fire,and intense and heroic love of God, but the spirit of God is order and calm”

ü  “Deo e Amore” God is Love

ü  “Jesus is my Wisdom and my Light, without HIM I am in darkness”       

Mori pu’un sanged gerak,tea koe salang nendep bate lako dami, landing le pede ngeluk agu toing di’a de ema ngeluk, mendi lelak dite, paus Fransiskus. Teing koe hia nai ngalis te pande baen nai momang dite. Wur sanged da’at one nai dami ata toe pande nipus wintuk agu toe lorong tombo,reing agu wa’e mos. Pande Doing nai dami one mai nain keta landing pande dia agu toing ema ngeluk.Mberes lite nain ema ngeluk te tetur sanged ngentuk dami, nipus sanged wintuk, agu lorong sanged tombo. Kudut te cemol mose, kole one ite taungs sanged wakar dedk dite.Amen

Edited by Putracongkasae


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  1. Indeed when you truly love God nothing will be able to hinder any of your undertakings. Keep up this good work bro. There are still a lot of things you can do here. Look harder him and God himself will find you. God bless.

  2. Good web site you’ve got here.. It’s hard to find quality writing like yours these days.
    I honestly appreciate people like you! Take care!!

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