Wisdom of a Girl with Chocolate

Wisdom of a Girl with Chocolate

      An Amazing thing which I have ever experienced in my life was when I had to learn a lesson from a little child who taught me the untold wisdom. I was amazed on her little way of teaching. This little wise girl had changed my perspective of God. She had changed my conduct toward God. That was so insightful; oh I have no much word to convey my marvel.  All I can say is that it was beyond my surprise. It took place on a cloudy day, on the winter 2008 when I was in high school.

As I was walking down daily to my school though the weather that morning was questionable and clouds were forming, along with thunder and lightning. I made my daily trip to school. At Taman Ende (the park of Ende) across the street, I saw a little girl with bouncy golden curls was almost five. She had just finished eating her chocolate. Now, she is crying besides her father asked him to buy for her another Chocolate in the store at the corner of the park.  At first her father persisted rejecting her pleading. But after a long crying, with childish manner of asking, the father eventually surrender to her will.  I was watching the child-crying just as if I am observing them. However, at that very moment, I began to see into myself about my relationship with God the Father. I realized that this little teacher had just taught me something very important in my life regarding how I should behave toward God. This Little teacher had just taught me a hidden wisdom, untold and unthinkable truth, which I could not learn from the wise, the pious, and even from my intelligent teachers in school. This Little Teacher had just taught me the unseen-wisdom which could change my perspective of God and how I should conduct myself towards Him. Yes…! My perspective that is like a soul afraid of dying which never learns how to live. Or like a flower that afraid of the sun that never learn how to blossom. I surrender in the midst of fight. I had lacked perseverance, persistence, trust, hope and courage.

Upon my reflection, I realized that I should persevere, consistent, patient, Courageous, hopeful and, Loving, and most of all TRUST- for if I am going to ask something of Him I should trust. Trust in the Lord. HE can do everything because He is good, loving and generous to the one who calls upon HIM with Love, and with great trust. God will grant upon me everything I ask of Him if I ask with perseverance, wait with patient: like the little child did. She kept on begging, knocking the door of her father with trust. In her Heart, She knows that her father will grant her request.

In the midst of my reflection, I was grateful to The Little child whom I honor as a little wise teacher of mine whom I ever had, for her wisdom which my spiritual director does not find the way to explain that wisdom. She had explained me the untold wisdom which surpasses all wondering.




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