The small step of an Intrepreter and Field Facilitator

On September 2015, I was back to my native place  Manggarai, located in the western part of Flores Island. It is a place of great destination and one of the  most visited place in the world. Exploring Flores and Manggarai is like exploring your own life. It offers you a lot of excitements made perfect with various unique interesting experiences the Land offers you while on the other hand you dont  miss troubles.

“Ai hau de naca momang ge ” my phone rang fro a couple of time. I instantly knew that somebody’s calling me from nowhere out there. It is new number. “alright… why do you wait. Pick up the phone. ” I said to myself.

“Good morning Sir. IM Mr. Ichen from Bird International. We are International NGO. We work for forest conservation.

“Ok Mr. Ichen, what can I do for you?” I asked the caller whom I’ve known hia fes name as Mr. Ichen.

“We are inviting and at the same time asking for your help”

“what kind of help can I accomplish?

“beacause we are internaational NGO, so we have globally connected with international communities, institutions ect. on this month, This September, we have some students from James Cook University who have decided to choose Manggarai as field for thier research activity. We need you for this project as an interpreter and facilitator, Interpreting and facilitating them with the village officers and members of the communities.”

“The research  will be conducted in  three different villages namely: Nunang Vilage, Golo Manting Village and Melo Village. These there villages are part of two sub district namely, Sano Nggoang Sub-distric and Mbeliling subdistrict.” He added.

I think for  a few moment and come up with my brilliant decision. Though in the end, I conclude that this research did not benefit me in terms of financial income but in terms of academically, I was well equipped and occupied. My knowledge expand and experience grew more….

That was it. I took the challenge. I gave and receive memories to every places I visited. Honestly speaking, though I was just an interpreter and facilitator of that activity, I was the center of the people ‘s attention in every communities we visited. perhaps because, I was the machine to keep the activity flows. Well you and I can actually can think of that, because as an interpreter,   no information or message is delivered if not through you….

The contract end as the research activity very well done…Successfully accomplished

Golo Manting, Paku Rua
Dalam Perjalanan Menuju Kampung Rua, Paku, Desa golo Manting Kecamantan Sano Nggoang Mabar
IMG_1431 (2)
bersama Keluarga Kades Golo Manting
IMG_1564 (2)
Menikmati Kopi bersama warga desa Golo Manting di sebuah Lahan Persawahan…Pengalaman super luar biasa



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